How commercialism created — and ended up killing — the Saturday morning institution

Pile of old televisions.
Pile of old televisions.
Photo by Cindy Tang on Unsplash

It was like a mini Christmas each week. Getting up every day for school was a struggle — but on Saturday, you were up at the crack of dawn. The institution of Saturday morning cartoons was a beloved staple in the lives of millions of children.

But where did they go?

Depending on your age, you may have noticed them fade away — or just realized they weren’t there anymore. They lasted for 30 years and then just disappeared.

How did something that existed as a perfect brand showcase to a dialed-in audience just stop working? …

A lack of sleep is damaging more than just your health

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Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

If you want to give the best to those you love, you might want to cut off that House Hunters marathon a bit earlier.

It can’t be understated how critical quality sleep is to your overall health and wellness. But it can go deeper than that. A lack of quality sleep can have a profoundly negative impact on your relationships.

If you’re not at your best, you can't expect to give your best, and you need to make sleep a priority.

What Happens When You Get Poor Quality Sleep?

When you deprive yourself of quality sleep, your health suffers. Insufficient sleep causes a rise in stress hormones in your body. These stress hormones are not only damaging your health, they are affecting your mood, patience, and even your empathy. …

The story of how the NBA legend made his fortune off the court

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pic via MagicJohnson,com

When you’re a household name in the world of sports, you expect to get paid. NBA legend Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson was no different. What separates Magic from most other pro athletes is how he made his true fortune away from the game.

Whereas many athletes squander away their career earnings, Magic Johnson only built on it. His salary — it turns out — only makes up 6% of his entire wealth.

This is a look at the rise of the NBA legend, how he grew his wealth and businesses, and what entrepreneurs at any level can learn from him.

The Early Days of Magic Johnson

In case you’re not an NBA fan, Magic Johnson was born in Lansing, Michigan, in 1959. He was the son of working-class parents and at an early age, grew to love the game of basketball. …

The simple retail marketing tactics that make us empty our wallets when we eat

Reading a menu in a restaurant
Reading a menu in a restaurant
Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash

We get ripped off every day. We like to think that we don’t — but we do. One place that we often spend more money than intended is restaurants. The way they design the pricing is to distract you, make you let down your guard, and get you to overpay.

I’ve worked in restaurants all over the world, so I’ve seen all of this firsthand. There is also some psychology behind why things are priced the way they are.

These marketing and pricing concepts exist throughout retail, but let’s look at what you can do to make that end of meal check as low as possible. …

This simple form of activity may have more benefits than you realize

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Photo by Derek Owens on Unsplash

Walking is often dismissed as an inferior form of exercise, but it definitely shouldn’t be.

With most gyms having been closed for most of the year — and the foreseeable future — many people have had no choice but to get outside and walk. And they’ve found how effective it can be.

There are many benefits that come from walking, and one may include helping lower your body fat. Let’s take a look at the benefits of walking, where to start, how much you need, and why it may help with more than just your physique.

Which is the Best Form of Movement?

Since we are a bipedal species, we have an extra curve in our spine which stabilizes the upright position. This gives us a few forms of transportation include the ability to walk, jog, and sprint. …

A Mexican street food, the creation of an iconic consumer brand, and a $20 million fortune

‘Elote,’ which is an ear of Mexican street corn covered in spices.
‘Elote,’ which is an ear of Mexican street corn covered in spices.
Photo by Diego Lozano on Unsplash

Greatness can come from anywhere. Insight, ingenuity, and creativity are not limited to board rooms, market research, or focus groups. It’s the person with a genuine perspective that is able to see what others can’t.

That’s the story behind Richard Montañez and the creation of a beloved snack food for Frito-Lay. Even though he started as a janitor, he immersed himself in every aspect of his company, and it gave him the insight to create a product that was missing in the market.

This is a story of initiative, perseverance, and the quiet pursuit of a dream.

Who Was Richard Montañez?

Our story starts in the 60s in California. Richard Montañez was from Cucamonga Valley and was one of 14 family members that lived in a cinderblock hut that only had one room. …

Resolutions can still work, but they require a specific approach

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

It’s been popular to dismiss the idea of making a New Year’s resolution — and I always took that same approach.

Why does the changing of the calendar hold so much influence? What’s the point of starting something now that ultimately leads to failure?

I recognized the statistics that show how unlikely it is to follow through on a resolution, and I dismissed the whole concept.

I now believe a New Year’s resolution can be beneficial — as long as we set them in a specific way, and with a specific mindset. …

Better health begins with information, and these books are an excellent place to start

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Photo by Melanie Deziel on Unsplash

With so much conflicting information out there regarding nutrition, how do you know what to believe — and what advice should you follow? Is there a certain diet you should adhere to? What are the best foods to include and avoid to be your healthiest self?

I’ve worked in health and fitness for over 20 years, so I’ve read countless books on nutrition. This type of reading is rarely for pleasure, but to keep up with relevant topics. Here now is a quick breakdown of some of those books that stood out.

It’s important to use books like this as a jumping-off point and continue to do your own research. But these books will help get you up to speed on various nutrition topics important for your health. They will help give you a foundation of nutrition information to understand how to feed your body and how critical nutrition is towards optimal health. …

You are walking around with your own home gym

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Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

With more and more gyms continuing to shut down, we all have to move our workouts indoors. The good news is, you are walking around with a portable gym everywhere you go.

Bodyweight exercises are something that can be done anywhere, anytime. They still give you a great workout and you don’t have to look for parking or fight the crowds at the gym.

Bodyweight training is still extremely beneficial, and you may find yourself using this type of training while in the gym. …

Snapshots of literacy are taken every 10 years — and they don’t look promising.

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Henry Ford said that when you sell to the classes, you eat with the masses, and when you sell to the masses, you eat with the classes. What he’s saying is that the audience you target can determine whether you eat at a Michelin starred restaurant or McDonalds.

The wider the audience, the more success — and we can take this same approach to writing and creativity. If you write for the elite, it may mean Taco Bell for dinner, but if you write for a much wider audience — you can dine with those better off.

It’s not that you need to neglect any aspect of your writing — but do you have to anguish over every single aspect of it? Do you need to dumb down your writing to reach a wider audience? Well, you might. …


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