Most Helpful Social Media Management Tools In 2019

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If you’re not harnessing the power of social media, you may miss the boat…

Social media is a lot more than just people arguing about politics, or sharing videos of cats, it can be one of the most powerful tools to build and propel your business. The reach you can get from social media is unparalleled to another time in business history and money can be made just from a few clicks.

You can also use social media influencers to grow and expand your business and there has never been a better time to launch a new venture. But where do you start with finding the best social media management tools? This article will look at the top 20, and how they can help you grow in 2019.

1. InflueNex

Social media influencers are people who have built up very large — and very loyal — audiences that hang on their every word. They’ve accomplished this because their audience has grown to know them, like them, and trust them. You can connect with these influencers to help promote your business as they have done all the work building up the engagement. They get paid by you, and you get your business in front of a brand new audience in a very short amount of time.

InflueNex is the best way to get you connected to influencers no matter what your business or niche. Using InflueNex, you can find the perfect YouTubers to collaborate with. More people today are watching YouTube video than they are cable television so this will be your best social media management tool for 2019 to grow and expand your business.

2. eClincher

This is a very comprehensive type platform, but, very easy to use. This is a great tool if you need to regularly publish content allowing you to schedule out blog posts with an easy scheduling tool. eClincher also has a social Inbox where you can manage your different social media profiles all from one location.

3. Buffer

Buffer is a fantastic social media management tool that you should use in 2019. It’s been popular for quite a while now making it a top choice for many people. It integrates perfectly with top platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn so you can set up a publishing schedule and queue for all your content.

4. Hootsuite

HootSuite is another well-established social media management tool that’s been used for years — and actually goes back to 2008. HootSuite allows for bulk publishing meaning you can set up all your posts for the coming weeks or month, and then just let it run. It also has some cool features such as letting your run contests on social media to increase engagement with your audience.

5. Sendible

Sendible is a platform built for agencies that allow you to interact with your audience in a more streamlined way. It allows for client management, and interaction, while allowing you to search keywords and see what people are saying about your brand.

6. Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a great way to schedule posts and put together bulk content for future release. It allows you to connect with clients in a social media management system and supports all the big social networks.

7. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is a great all in one platform helpful for social engagement, publishing, listening to what people are saying about your brand, reports, and team collaborations. It also has a social Inbox feature where you can interact with all your followers, and messages, in one place.

8. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a social media editorial calendar made specifically for WordPress. It’s a simple and effective calendar type system to schedule out all your social media posts for the month. It doesn’t have any social media engagement tools but is geared mainly toward getting content out there.

9. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a scheduling tool but one that works like a virtual assistant. It makes suggestions and recommendations about your social media through a series of automated messages. This is a great tool for helping you to build, manage, and target specific audiences over social media.

10. Edgar

Edgar groups all your content into different categories then adds time slots to each category. It will then fill up those slots and publish your content for you. This is a tool based mainly around publishing so you won’t find a lot of bells and whistles but will help you get organized.

11. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a lot like HootSuite and allows you to monitor, and schedule, social media posts. It also gives you analytics including specific analytics for each post. It also has a social media Inbox along with keyword searching to help monitor your business online.

12. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is the best management tool to use for Twitter and allows you to create custom timelines, lists, and searches. This is the perfect tool if you have multiple Twitter accounts for different businesses.

13. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is a great platform for managing multiple social media platforms. It has specific unique features for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, and also helps you schedule blog content. It also provides some great analytics to see what’s working, and what’s not working.

14. Friends+Me

Friends+Me is a newer addition to the social management tool family but one that is clean and easy to use. It is a simple way to schedule queues for various social media accounts and various plans are available depending on the size of your business.

15. Followerwonk

Followerwonk sounds like a funny name but is one of the best social media management tools to really understand your audience. It helps you go deep into social media accounts like Twitter to help find the best influencers for your brand. It helps you also to analyze your current audience and make improvements based on that.

16. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is perfect for a growing business to manage multiple profiles and research relevant keywords. It works well with Facebook and gives you advanced reporting features to really be able to target the right audience.

17. Hubspot

Hubspot is a great social media management tool not just to schedule and publish content to social media accounts, but to get real data and insights. You’ll find out what channels are generating the most engagement, but also find out which one is driving the most leads and sales.


IFTTT stands for “If this, then that” and it helps you to save time managing social media accounts, apps, and websites. It’s set up that you can automatically have a tweet posted just after publishing a blog post.

19. Raven

Raven allows you to access data and schedule posts on a wide variety of digital media channels. It helps you to gather information if you are involved with pay-per-click (PPC) engagement along with SEO (search engine optimization). It is also a great way to manage your social media channels.

20. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is your best bet if you’re looking for a management tool to cover organic and paid traffic. If you are using paid social media traffic, this is a way to manage that but also your natural organic traffic at the same time. This way you can see what’ s working best for your business and where you may need to make adjustments.

PART 2: How To Use InflueNex To Find Influencers

As mentioned earlier, social media influencers — especially on YouTube - are reaching audiences that advertisers could only ever dream of. These influencers have built up rabid fanbases that hang on their every word and are extremely loyal. They’ve connected with the audience, now you just have to find the best influencer that matches your business. The best part about these audiences is that they are hyper-targeted to specific niches. It doesn’t matter how unique a niche, there will be an audience for it — and an influencer representing it.

InflueNex acts like a liaison between the influencer and you to find the best arrangement. The first thing you do is find YouTube channels by using names, links, or keywords that best match your business. No matter what your business; technology, gaming, travel, how to, entertainment, pets, there will be an influencer who will match it.

You then use filters to help narrow down exactly what you’re looking for and then you get immediate results displayed for you. InflueNex is the best way to find, analyze, and manage the best influencers to work with to promote your brand and business.

YouTube grows daily and the number of influencers in any particular niche may seem overwhelming to navigate through. A tool like InflueNex makes this process much easier so you can find the best match for your business and not waste your time with dead ends.

Social media moves so fast it can feel overwhelming to keep up with. Taking advantage of this increasingly growing platform is the best way to propel your business now, and into the future.

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