What Were the Best 1980s Video Game Consoles?

The changing technology that changed a culture

Photo by Enrique Guzmán Egas on Unsplash

The Nintendo Entertainment System

With the NES, you got a groundbreaking new console that forever changed the trajectory of video games.

Seems like a bad time to put out a new console. But Nintendo knew they had the ideal product. What started as the Famicom in Japan became the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America.

By 1986, the NES had completely revolutionized the video game market. Between the massive success of Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt, the NES ushered in the era of what video games could truly be.

The Sega Master System

The Sega Genesis is part of the third generation of video game consoles because it uses 8-Bit technology. The Sega Master System started out as a whole different video game console: The Sega Mark III.

Nintendo Game Boy

The Game Boy was a groundbreaking new console — if you can even call it a console? For this; we will because that was the whole idea with the Game Boy — it was like taking an NES console anywhere you went.

Sega Genesis

Sega would be first out of the gate with new 16-bit technology. They released it in 1988, and the Super Nintendo wouldn’t be out for two more years.

With the new 16-bit technology, the console now had the ability to display amazing graphics along with unique features such as sprites, tiles, and scrolling.

Fun fact: Tonka was one of the first distributors of the Sega Master System, but that didn’t go so great. Sega then turned to Atari of all people to help launch it, but they declined. It was so hard to market against Nintendo, along with the rumors of a Nintendo 16-bit system coming down the pipeline.

TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine

To me, the TurboGrafx-16 was the stuff of legend. It seemed like a video game console from the future, and only something rich kids could own.

Final Thoughts

If you are a video game fan, it’s worth looking back on the consoles that paved the way for all future editions.

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