Three words to diffuse a disagreement

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This may come as a surprise, but people seem to have become more combative than ever…

That’s obviously not a shock, as there’s a lot of anger floating around out there. It seems as if people would rather be heard than be right. They react without thinking and aggression has become the default setting.

A healthy debate, however, is a great thing. The ability to exchange ideas — even opposing ones — can create an open dialogue. But what about those times you find yourself in disagreement with someone who just refuses to listen?

My Grandpa taught me an effective…

Say goodbye to unwanted distractions

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Does your phone work for you, or against you?

A lot of the time, I really hate my phone. It’s not that my phone is blowing up from notifications, but we all know how one alert immediately distracts you.

Whatever you are working on gets interrupted. Even if you don’t pick your phone up, that alert is still bouncing around in your head and you can’t think about anything else.

Normally, I put my phone into airplane mode while working to avoid distractions. But what if there are some specific notifications you need while working? …

A warm room may feel cozy, but may not be ideal for sleep

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That super warm and cozy room with the heat cranked up is so enticing when it’s time to go to bed. However, this may not be the ideal environment.

This will be a quick look at why it may be better to keep your room on the cooler side if you want to get the best sleep possible, and some of the health benefits that may come from this.

Why is a Cool Room Better?

A warm room may make you drowsy but doesn’t look to be the best to get that deep, restorative sleep we desperately need. …

Use this business trick to build more rapport and compassion.

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Let’s not waste any time: the three words are feel, felt, and found. But it’s the order you use them in — and the way they are delivered — that is important in showing empathy to someone else.

So many people are out there not feeling heard or understood. You may find yourself in the same boat. Or, you are someone who is aware of how other people feel, but you’re just not sure how to show you care and really listen to them.

Growing up, I had trouble showing empathy. …

Can these simple tips be game-changers for you?

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I don’t have a fancy intro, so let’s just get right into this.

I’ve used a lot of writing tips over the years, but these three have always stayed with me. If you’re like me, you want to keep the writing process as simple — and effective — as possible.

Here are the writing tips I’ve found very helpful, and I encourage you to use them if you aren’t already.

Tip #1. Don’t Edit as You Go

This tip is easier said than done, but I’ve found it’s best to avoid it. …

Can taking a step back help you move forward?

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It’s been 84 years…

Sorry, that’s the wrong intro. What I mean to say is it felt like 84 years. I had been writing pretty much non-stop for 8 months. I definitely took some days off here and there, but it felt like a straight slog.

I saw a trick from Jerry Seinfeld that I had put to use. You take a calendar that has all the months and days on one page. Then, each day, you put a red “X” across the day to show that you wrote something. …

Nothing derails training like joint pain — so get on top of it

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Hands up if you suffer from joint pain.

You can’t see it, but both of my hands are up. As are both my feet, but that’s only because they’re elevated to reduce knee swelling.

Joint pain affects all of us at some point, and not only is it aggravating, but also derails your fitness progress.

Besides dealing with the pain, it limits you in your activity and mobility and can make training nearly impossible.

I’ve been a personal trainer for over 20 years, and have played sports all my life, so I’m all too familiar with joint pain. …

Two years in, and the decade is starting to take shape

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The early 90s are remembered as being a definitive decade, but that’s because they are a carry-over from the 80s. The colors, styles, and attitudes still remain.

It takes a while for a new decade to find its footing, but 1982 is slowly starting to show the signs of what would make the 80s so definitive.

But before we look back at 1982, make sure you read my review all about 1980, and then my look back at 1981.

There is still a bit of that turmoil that has carried over from the 70s, but we’re going to look back…

Can you really make money just by shopping?

a clothing store with sale signs
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Let’s just get right into this. I tried retail arbitrage through Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA. This is simply buying new items as cheap as you can find, then selling them for a higher price on Amazon.

The FBA you may be most familiar with is when you source your own unique product to sell on your own Amazon store as a brand. Retail arbitrage is about hunting down deals to send to an Amazon warehouse which they ship if someone orders.

With retail arbitrage, there is the potential to make hundreds of dollars a day — but how possible…

It’s our failures that lead to growth

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When you think about it, a gym is nothing but a failure center.

Let me explain a little further. The whole concept of a workout is to fail. You can only lift a certain weight so many times. You can only run so hard and for so long. Eventually, you have to tap out of your workout and head home.

But this is the whole point.

It’s the same way that fitness is never finished. You will never hit the pinnacle of fitness. It’s why Olympic athletes continue to train. There is always room for improvement.

Whenever you get frustrated…

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